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Best Birthday Wishes for Son and Daughter



new additionDaughter, today I am celebrating the best gift I ever received. Thank you for coming into my world.
new additionI am sending you this message to say I hope you have a wonderful day!
new additionHappy Birthday to the child who stole my heart, and who has kept it all these years. Don’t worry about returning it; it’s happy where it is.
new additionMay your day be as sunny as you are to me.

by Kai Cooper, MT

new additionDaughter, you are treasured by us and by everyone that has been graced by your presence! I am wishing you a wonderful day!
new additionBest wishes for a birthday that is as beautiful as you are!
new additionI have enjoyed watching you grow into the special young woman you are.
new additionMay your day be one of fulfilled wishes and happy surprises!

by Neveah Gamble, NY

new additionI hope you are enjoying your day. I am sending much love to you!
new additionThis message is good for one day of no chores. Have a great day!
I am wishing you joy and lots of fun today: your special day!
Birthdays are for fun! Let us doing something special today.

by Akira Burch, NV

I am sending you lots of smiles and hugs today. I am so very proud of you!
Here is wishing a lovely day to a lovely young lady!

by Messiah Wells

I am so thankful for my girl on her birthday!
I hope everything you do today is as special as you are.
I am wishing you the best of days and many more happy birthdays!
Happiness entered my heart when you entered the world.

by Nathaly Williamson

May all of your dreams and wishes come true today and every day.

by Nico Mayer, FL

I am thankful for the day you came into my life and stole my heart.
Another year has passed, and you grow more beautiful and grand each year. My baby, my little girl, my daughter, I love you.
Daughter, Happy Birthday. May your day be filled with happiness and love. May all of your wishes and dreams be fulfilled on your special day, as ours was the day you were born.
May your birthday bring you the best of friends and surprises!
I hope your day leaves you feeling nothing less than a pampered princess.
I count you as a treasured gift from God to me!
Today is cause for celebration! I am so excited to party with you.

by Zechariah Shaffer, NY

Greetings to my princess on your special day! I hope it is great.
You brighten my life every day! I hope today is bright for you as well.
Today I am remembering how small you were and rejoicing in all that you have grown to be.
Today is a reason for great celebration. Let us eat cake!

by Katelynn Lewis



new additionMay you reach the sky, and put the sun to shame. May you touch the stars, achieve all the fame. But always remember your mother and father, who helped you reach wherever you are. Happy Birthday.
new additionMy sweet son, blessings to you on your special day and every day.

by Xzavier Mendez, GA

new additionYou changed the world as soon as you entered in. Time flies so fast you have become a lot stronger and bigger but you will always be my baby.
new additionYou will always hold a special place in my heart.
new additionThis wonderful day of your birth calls for a celebration!
new additionToday you’re the star! Happy birthday to you my number one love!
new additionHappy birthday! You’ll always be my sweet little baby boy.
new additionLet’s celebrate YOU today! Here’s to another fabulous year!
new additionThe whole family celebrates your birth with you today!
new additionMy cute little bug… You are my sweetest drug… On your birthday, say love you mommy… And give me a little hug.
It’s your day! Time to celebrate and enjoy your day!

by Sanai Fry, VA

The day you were born was the best day of my life.
We’re so excited to celebrate your special day! We love you, little one!
How lucky we are to celebrate another year with you! We love you!

by Salvatore Simpson

You will always have a piece of our heart. We love you!
I thank God everyday for the wonderful blessing he has bestowed upon your mother and me. Happy birthday son, I hope it is your best day ever.
I love Axl Rose for writing the song, “Sweet Child of Mine”. I love you even more for being that “Sweet Child”. Happy Birthday.
When your mother was pregnant we asked God to give us a son who grows up to become hard working, honest and successful. You are living proof that God does answer prayers. You have made us the proudest parents in the world!
It has been a privilege to watch you grow into such a wonderful young man.
Our Son is a part of us, we never could. Our Son loves us so much, he never should. On his birthday, I pray for his health and boon! May he bring us a daughter-in-law very soon : )
Wishing you love, luck, health and happiness on your birthday.

by Julius Parsons, OK

Today is a time for celebration. Have fun on your special day!

by Sophie Pratt, KS

We hope that all of your wonderful dreams come true!
I am so thankful for another year to spend with you. You will always be our little angel. Happy Birthday my darling boy!
All the best to our amazing boy. We wish you the best today and always.
You are a fabulous son and we treasure every moment with you.
My sweet child, you are my pride and joy. I hope you have a wonderful day!
The day you were born was a day to celebrate! We love you so much!

by Connor Mclaughlin, NJ

You are the only reason we smile in everyday life, you are the love of our lives.
You make the world a better place. You are such a wonderful person.