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We all have friends, family members and loved, whom we wish all the best for their Birthday, and every year we get lost in the words that we want to say to people dear to us. Everyone is waiting not just warm words from loved ones, but congratulations to reflect his personality. And we want our greetings liked and remembered for a long time, warming the souls of our loved ones.

How I would like every one of us at the time of congratulations to become a real poet, sparkling with humor and wit, to impress friends with unusual and sincere words. But how many among us are William Shakespeare or Amy Lovell? That is why we have assembled for you the best on-line greetings and quotes to help you make the best, unforgettable congratulations to your dear people. Please use our greetings and wishes absolutely freely and free of charge, amend and supplement them, add a bit of yourself to tell Happy Birthday to your kids, friends, family and loved ones.

new additionToday for you is not just the end of another year but a start of a wonderful new one. Happy Birthday.
new additionI wish you happiness and love on this beautiful day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!
new additionBest birthday greeting, birthday wishes, generic birthday cards. I'm sorry but that's all I can afford. :)
new additionIf you can't wait until tomorrow because you get better looking every day, then I can't wait until next year! Happy trip around the sun!

by Jerome Swanson, LA

new additionForever stay gorgeous and young. That’s all my wishes on your birthday!
new additionBirthdays are a fresh start, a new beginning, and a time to pursue new endeavours with new goals. Move forward with courage and confidence. You’re a wonderful person. May this day and all of the rest be awesome!
new additionHappy seconds. Happy wishes. Happy words. Happy dreams. Happy Birthday.
new additionHere are some bad news and good news. You become more and more beautiful each year - that is the good news. Happy Birthday.
new additionThe smartest birthday congratulations ever, that's right - my birthday wish for you.
new additionAwesome Birthday to you!! Have a lots of fun and a happiest Birthday ever! This is your day, celebrate it, you deserve it!

by Sam Stoner, KY

Did you know?

Birthday is one of the oldest celebrations of humanity. At a time when there was no Christmas or Thanksgiving, people all over the world have celebrated Birthday of their loved ones. The tradition to congratulate dear people on Birthday with warmest Wishes appeared with calendar and language itself. Even prehistoric hunter, in his cave presented a flower dug out of the snow to his girlfriend and embarrassed, uttered the simple greetings. It is a pity that he did not have the Internet and Happy-Wish.com, where he could find the best greetings. Ugh!! Haupey Buzday!!

new additionMake some stories that you can't tell in this beautiful day, and some time you'll tell about them :). Happy Birthday.
new additionYou are the most wonderful person and I wish you health and courage next year. You know, that I mean it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!
new additionThese are the best years of our lives. Let's take advantage to the max. Happy Birthday.
new additionThere is a very happy place to celebrate your Birthday, you just need to found it.
new additionMany things are nice from the very beginning and others get better in time. You begin amazing and will get even higher. Happy Birthday.
new additionHappy birthday! This will be a wonderful day, because you are wonderful.
new additionHappy Birthday !! I wish you an amazing funny, sunny birthday and tons of good things to come.
new additionLike good wine is only getting better with years, you become greater each year. Happy Birthday.
new additionWhat can you tell about us... happy, tough, sexy, great, beautiful, it's your choice, They all are about you too! Happy Birthday.
new additionYou are now the age that all words about how great you are end with 'for your age'. So be awesome on your birthday, for your age.

This is interesting!

At a time when the calendar had not been invented, people were unable to pinpoint their Birthday and celebrated the season in which they were born. For example each summer all the tribe gathered together in a warm and fine day to celebrate the birthday of relatives born in summer. Such ceremonies united people and allowed them to show love and attention to the family, wish the dear people all the best. But still, it’s very good that we invented the calendar, and now each of us can celebrate your own personal Birthday!

new additionHappy sunny birthday! I wish you have a great day!.. I hope you have more blessings in the year ahead.. and may you become even better each new day.
new additionThis life is wonderful from any side. Enjoy your fortune and your age. Happy Birthday.
new additionI am happy that you have a sunny attitude because the week forecast is for you to become older every day! Happy Birthday!

by Linda Lamprey, TX

new additionLet me wish you that this year will bring tons of things that makes you happy. Happy Birthday.
new additionWho's birthday celebration is today? Your celebration it is! Who will blow out the candles? You're going to blow out the candles. Who's going to have a pole dancer? You're going to have some real fun! Happy Birthday.

by Alex Wachowsky, Warsaw

All the planet might want to tell you a beautiful birthday greeting, but for the moment, you can have only mine. Happy Birthday.
I wish you have an awesome birthday, continued success, wealth & health!
It's so good to be young and know everything, before you become old fart and realize that you know nothing. Happy Birthday.
I hope your dreams come true accept one, so you will always have a wish to come true. :) Bday!
When you discuss stars, what is the point of talking about worms? It's your birthday. Leg go your problems for a day.

According to one version...

Birthday celebrations appeared only in ancient Egypt and Assyria. It is believed that the custom touched only prominent people - the Pharaohs, kings and high-ranking officials, as well as their male heirs. The first written evidence of the celebration of the Birthday of the Egyptian Pharaohs are dated approximately 3000 BC. Pharaoh hosted a party in the palace, to which Egyptian nobility was invited, but in general, the festival was also attended by ordinary people, and even slaves. Often, in honour of Pharaoh Birthday many prisoners were released.

It is believed that for a long time women Birthdays not only were not noticed, but were not even recorded, and the first woman honoured with an annual celebration was queen of Egypt - Cleopatra.

I’m so happy you are with me, because you fill my life with joy and brighten it. Wishing your birthday be filled with love and cheer. Hope your birthday will be as wonderful as you are. Happy Birthday!
You are unique gift to the universe. It's a reverse birthday greeting, is it not? Happy Birthday.
You are crazy & awesome, your are my kind and that is what life is really about! Happy Birthday.
I wish you all the love and happiness this wonderful day and the next year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!
"Live your life with arms wide open, Today is where your book begins, The rest is still unwritten." That is what the song say. Happy Birthday.
There would be ____ and ____ and more people like you in the perfect world. (Love and beauty, Ice cream and white clouds, clever girls and only cute guys, Write your own.)
Let this new year bring all the happiness and wealth you desire. Happy Birthday.
Like a great brandy, you only get better and precious with age. Happy Birthday.
Who you are is the only thing that matters, but not where you are or what you are doing. All love who you are. Happy Birthday.
Have the best Birthday ever that is what I wish you. I wish only the best for you on your birthday. You are such a wonderful person.

Birthday and Christianity

The tradition to celebrate someone's Birthday almost disappeared with the advent of early Christianity. Christians believed the world to be a place of mourning, and felt that not the birth but death is a joyous occasion, the deliverance from the sinful world. In addition the church did not encourage the traditions inherited from the pagans - the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.

Possibility to arrange a holiday, regardless of the days dedicated to any saint, appeared only during the Reformation and was very attractive. First birthday celebrations were the privilege of kings, and later children were admitted to the ceremony. The first country which started to celebrate children's Birthdays, was Germany.

By the XIII century position of the church is gradually softened, and priests began to conduct birth and baptism registration books. It was then that the Christian families began to massively celebrate Birthdays, not only of adult men, but also of women and children.

You are the light for everybody. Find your own road, with all those candles it should not be hard.
May you live a hundred years and let each year have a twenty thousand days. Happy Birthday.
Never ever give up, always smile and laugh. You make us all happier. Especially on your special day.
You can know and do everything right now, just wish. No need to wait to be old and wise.
Because, today is a special day simply sending birthday wishes, wouldn’t do. So I’m sending you a day when all your dreams come true and, a year that means the most to you!

by Emily Brightman, NY

Best wishes for a joyous day filled with love and laughter. Happy birthday.
Wish you all the wonderful things from the bottom of my heart. Happy Birthday!!!
If blowing the candles were an Olympic sport, you would be a world champion.
Wishing you happiness to your heart's content and may your wises all come true. Happy Birthday.
Let this new year of your life be awesome, full of wonderful moments, sparkling emotions, full of love and joy! Let Love follow you everywhere you go!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

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